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Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 03:00 UTC +6

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We do not make exchanges on Skype and ICQ! All exchanges are strictly only via the application on the website

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We welcome on the website of an exchange point!

Description: Service of exchange of electronic currencies FastWM, provides the to clients high-quality services in exchange, input and output of title signs of the following payment service providers: WebMoney (WMR, WMZ, WME, WMK), Yandex Money, EKZT for bank cards of Russia and Kazakhstan, and also by means of money transfers the Gold crown (RUB and USD).

Guarantees: Our service is a certified partner of WebMoney payment provider, has the certificate of the seller and Megastok is registered in the catalog. All transactions are carried out by the qualified specialists having an impressive work experience in the sphere of money transfers.

Safety: We offer our clients safe service. Safety is ensured thanks to the ciphered connection under the HTTPS protocol (the certificate of SSL), thanks to this technology, connection between your browser and our website is ciphered by the 256th bit cryptographic protocol, substitution of data is excluded.

Prevention: Dear clients, we not under what conditions don't perform currency exchange and we don't provide any services by means of communication channels (ICQ, SKYPE, etc.), all communication channels serve only for consultation and operational the solution of the arisen difficulties. Be vigilant if offered you exchange not via the website, we ask to refrain from these offers, at us all exchanges pass only through the website with payment of requests through merchant of payment service providers.


The offered goods and services are provided not on the order of the person or the entity operating the WebMoney Transfer system. We are the independent entity rendering services and independently we make decisions on the prices and offers. The entities operating the WebMoney Transfer system don't earn commission fees or other remunerations for participation in provision of services and don't bear any responsibility for our activities.

The certification made from WebMoney Transfer only confirms our details for communication and proves the identity. It is performed at our desire and doesn't mean that we are somehow connected with sales of operators of the WebMoney system.